We are on a mission to be a catalyst for good and inspire kindness one bouquet at a time.

The gift of flowers is a reminder that you are thought of, and that someone wants you to smile right now. Bloom2Bloom doubles down, using sales from each Bloom2Bloom purchase to give back to Wish Upon A Teen, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing resources, time and opportunities to teenagers with severe life-limiting medical conditions.

Design My Room® is an exclusive Wish Upon a Teen program for teenagers facing extended hospitalization due to life-threatening illness or serious injury. Thanks to partnerships with hospitals throughout the country, Wish Upon a Teen is given access to the teen’s hospital room and allowed to redecorate it to feel more comforting and relaxing – more like “home”. Each Bloom2Bloom purchase helps Wish Upon A Teen purchase new bedding, rugs, decor, pajamas, slippers, and more, all according to the teen’s interests and tastes. This room design has a remarkably positive impact on a teenager’s sense of well-being. And once the teen is ready to return home, he or she can take all of the decorative items with them to use however he or she desires.

 How It Works