The Two Reasons Your Succulents Keep Dying

This month, we are celebrating all things succulents! You'll find fun potted succulents here, and beautiful bouquets featuring a California-grown succulent here.

If you're like the Bloom2Bloom team, you love succulents for how great they look, anywhere in your home! And these beautiful desert varieties are known for being as low maintenance as it comes when having pretty live plants or flowers in your home. So why is it that yours can't last more than the summer? Check out these common mistakes and learn how to help keep your succulents looking amazing, even after summer is gone!

  1. Overwatering - people love to water their succulents! These are native to the desert, and used to going a long while without water. Our number one rule? Don't water that succulent until the soil is completely dry - approximately every 1 to 2 weeks. You can gently feel the soil to check, and then when you do add water, make sure the soil is completely saturated with water. If you're unsure in between waterings, go ahead and grab a spray bottle and spray the top of the succulent and the soil just a bit, to add a little extra hydration.
  2. No Sunlight - succulents do best with some sunlight, and even better in direct sunlight. Try to position yours near a window, where it at least gets some sunshine in the morning or afternoon. And if your succulent looks like it's in need of a little extra sunshine love, place it outside for a while to help it absorb those rays! 
August 01, 2017 by Laurenne Resnik