The Meaning Behind Flower Colors

While there is some historical meaning behind the colors of flowers we give, it’s also a just-for-fun way to narrow down which flowers to send (because isn’t that the hardest part?? We want them all!). Here the some interruptions of the meanings behind some of these flower colors…

Pink & Red

Pink is flirty while Red flowers are romantic; both can be used interchangeably however! Use them to convey love, passion, and strong feelings for another.


White flowers symbolize purity. They are a popular choice for ceremonies such as weddings, parties, or for grieving. They also represent cleanliness and can brighten up and blend into any space!


Orange is bright and cheery! Orange flowers can bring a smile to anyone for any reason, whether it’s to cheer them up after a tragedy, or to bring joy to someone’s new home. You really can’t go wrong with this bright bunch!


April 11, 2017 by Laurenne Resnik