Bloom2Bloom Flower Care Basics

We at Bloom2Bloom know flower care may seem like a lot of work. Those pretty blooms do require a bit of maintenance, but it's so worth it to keep them looking good longer. We've put together 5 easy tips for you to keep your fresh flowers blooming.


1. Groom those stems — The stems will better absorb water if you use sharp scissors to trim the stems at a 45-degree angle, about one inch from the bottom. Remove all leaves that will fall below the water line in your vase to decrease the amount of bacteria that builds up in the water (that’s what makes the water in your vase turn a mucky color and start to smell).

2. Prep the vase — Once the stems are ready to go, select your favorite vase (don't be afraid to get creative with it - check out some ideas here). Opt for a vase that is not too narrow so as to squish the flowers, and not too wide so as to cause the arrangement to lose its shape. Fill the vase about two-thirds of the way with fresh, cool water. 

3. Feed the blooms  More than likely those flowers had a long trip to get to you, whether they were shipped or brought in from the farm to your local market. Some nutrients mixed with the water will help them perk up and bloom, and prevent bacteria build-up. Once you have filled the vase with water, add flower food (make sure to ask for some with your fresh flower purchase) to the water and allow it to absorb into the water before adding the flowers to the vase. 

4. Find the best spot for your flowers — Where you display your flowers isn’t just about where they look best or make you smile the most (though we do agree that’s important!). Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, in a cool area. Avoid placing your beautiful blooms near fresh fruit or vegetables – your produce may give off ethylene gas, which will cause your flowers to wilt faster.

5. Change the water Just like you, fresh flowers need to drink fresh water. We suggest changing the water in the vase daily to help those blooms last as long as possible. If you're feeling ambitious, trim the stems just a bit (at an angel) and then rinse the bottom of the stems under cool water for a few seconds before returning them to the clean water in the vase.


February 22, 2017 by Laurenne Resnik