5 People You Should Send Bloom2Bloom Flowers To Now
We all know the big holidays are a great time to send flowers...but here are 5 people who deserve Bloom2Bloom flowers now!

Bride to Be. She is planning one of the biggest events in her life, which is exciting but can also be stressful! Surprise her now by having flowers show up on her doorstep unexpectedly. Send her a sweet text afterward, reminding her to smile and enjoy the journey!

Career Change. Your friend who just quit their day job to pursue their own passion, or the one who opened up an online boutique on the side…they deserve some flower love! It takes guts to go after something you’re passionate about, and pretty blooms will give them good vibes. Consider sending ‘The Lovely’ bouquet with bold magenta Dahlia’s to encourage them to go after their dreams!

New Address. Whether they’ve moved to a new home across the city, a new state, or switched apartments, it’ll take some time to get boxes unpacked and home decor up. Flowers are a perfect way to give a new space some warmth. They’ll appreciate such a thoughtful housewarming gift that will fill their home with the smell of farm fresh blooms!

New Baby. The hardest part, whether it be labor and delivery or finalizing adoption, is over. Now their baby is home with them safe and sound! Blooms are a wonderful way to say “Way to go!” to the new parents, as well as “Welcome home!” to the newest addition to their family.

A Difficult Time. We all go through rough patches, so whether it’s something major like losing a loved one, a breakup, or maybe, you know, it’s just been a hard week for them…flowers can say “I’m here for you,” or “Cheer up!” better than anything. Our ‘All White Everything’ bouquet is a simple but gorgeous round-up of pretty, bright white blooms that will surely make them smile...just because!