3 Tips On Creating An Oasis At Home

Image via Apartment Therapy

Ever have major house envy when you see a casual picture of someone’s home decor and it looks like something straight out of a magazine? With a few tips you can achieve the same look!

Image via Loomshaka

  1. Tall and Hanging Plants. These are a must for creating that dreamy oasis vibe. Find tall, leafy plants at your local nursery that do well indoors. For hanging plants, you can install hooks in the ceiling if you don’t already have them, or place overflowing plants on a high shelf. Pretty hanging planters like these (see above) woven pieces really pull in that oasis look!
  2. Bright Patterns. Whether you choose a color theme or all the colors of the rainbow, have fun with it! Stripes and patterns on a rug, pillows, or hanging tapestry can change your space from ordinary decor to oasis haven. Find a pretty patterned vase and stick some sunflowers or other seasonal flowers in it to really brighten up the space.
  3. Outdoor-Inspired Art. This can be pictures of plants, flowers, or outdoor scenery. You can also mix in small animal statues like a giraffe or elephant. This is a fun way to bring the outdoors, inside!  

Image via My Scandinavian Home